Daily Cookie Selection

What’s Baking?

Our daily flavors are the classic Half Baked lineup. You’ll find these varieties in our regular rotation of lovingly-made treats, just like the cookie jar on your childhood kitchen counter.

Since our cookies are baked fresh each morning, they do sometimes sell out. Feel free to call ahead to ensure we have your favorite flavor in stock.

Always A Crowd Favorite

Cookie Packs

Whether you’re picking up cookies on your way to a party or sending a gift to a friend while they celebrate in another city, our Cookie Packs create magic moments.

Create a Custom Cookie Collection

Build Your Own Cookie Pack

No Time to Decide?

Choose a Pre-Made Pack

Turn Any Day Into A Celebration

Cookie Cakes for All Occasions

Choose a Half Baked cookie cake and enjoy the soft, chewy goodness of homemade while skipping the flour-covered kitchen. *require 72 hours’ notice

Bits of Bliss for Any Event

Premium Cookie Trays

Half Baked cookie trays are the perfect sweet treat for your next event, providing a quick and easy-to-transport option for top-tier baked goods. *require 2 hours’ notice