What’s the Half Baked Cookies Recipe?

Half Baked, Whole Hearted

Half Baked Cookies got our start like all great recipes – from scratch.

Before opening our first Half Baked location on Day Road in Lockport in 2021, all of our cookies were made fresh out of our founder Angie’s home.

Our mission now is the same as it was then: to make the freshest, highest quality, and – most importantly – most DELICIOUS cookies ever.

As we’ve grown, we’ve continued to add the mix-ins that mean the most to us, like providing a welcoming environment, using locally-sourced ingredients, and putting equal effort into our goods-to-go.

When we say made with love, we mean the whole dang thing.

Meet the Owner

Meet Angie

As a mom of three, Angie’s biggest inspirations for Half Baked Cookies are her children, Sage and Sunny,  and now Beau! 

As a lover of cookies, Angie noticed a gap in the market. While some places played heavily off of 1950s & ’60’s nostalgia, and some served up good cookies in a very eclectic–even hectic–atmosphere, there was something missing. There was nowhere a mom could eat a heavenly cookie, the warm and moist kind of cookie that transported her to her childhood, while relaxing in a simple and welcoming environment, away from the demands and noise of everyday life.

So she set out to change that. And she did.

And while her passion–and her taste buds–lie in the kitchen, and her professional background in business and finance have helped for sure, it’s the organizational and management skills she’s gained being a mom that’ve made the difference in realizing her vision and setting Half Baked Cookies up for long-term success.

FYI Angie’s favorite cookie to make is the Classic Chocolate Chip, but her favorite cookie to eat is The Boss (S’moreo).

Working Here is Sweet

Join Our Team

At Half Baked Cookies, we’ve had great success building a fun and enjoyable workplace – just take it from our employees!

We look to hire friendly, creative, and driven individuals to help with our daily cookie operations!

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